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The Project

Mind Reader University is dedicated to helping you make more money in less time and create high value relationships with high achievers.

It is mainly a weekly podcast where the world's biggest thinkers (like Scott Adams) share their thoughts on creativity, strategy, self development, and more.

Mind Reader University is also a training ground for go-getters. We have a school store where you can find books, videos, and courses designed to help you level up your mental game.

The Founder

Long Story Short
Jonathan Pritchard is the mind behind the project.

He is also the founder of an international consulting firm, "The Hellstrom Group" which has worked on 6 of the 7 continents. He is the author of several books focused on applied psychology, leveraged imagination, and self development. 

He draws on 20+ years' touring experience as a professional mentalist before transitioning into being a coach, mentor, and trainer for tech entrepreneurs and other high value businesses.

You can find links to his artwork, personal projects, and articles on his personal website: https://www.jonathanpritchard.me/social
Long Story Medium
Jonathan Pritchard grew up in the mountains of North Carolina in a trailer park with a dirt road. From there he has become one of the world's premier Mentalists performing in Las Vegas, on national TV, at hundreds of colleges, and touring internationally.

He also helps clients get more business out of trade shows by attracting a crowd, entertaining them, and smoothly integrating his client's marketing messages to help qualify more leads in less time while having fun.

Also he is brought in by companies like BP, State Farm, and United Airlines to speak to executives about mindset, sales, negotiations, and presentation skills.

This forms the foundation of his consulting and training business "The Hellstrom Group."

While not on the road you can find him at home in Chicago practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu every day.

Random Factoids:

  • Was an entreprenurial mentor at the world's #1 tech incubator (1871) in Chicago for 3 years
  • Has a degree in studio painting and creates portraits as a hobby
  • Is involved with a tech project called "Urbit" which is creating a completely new internet
  • Teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu on the weekends
  • Has consulted with Criss Angel in Vegas
  • Put a paper bag over Nick Cannon's head for a mind reading trick
  • Learned how to juggle fire at age 13
  • Learned how to hammer nails up his nose at age 15
  • Learned how to eat fire at age 18
  • Once ran 36 miles in one day because there was nothing better to do
  • Worked closely with James Randi to handle applications for the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge
  • Can teach people to say the alphabet backwards in 3 minutes
  • Has successfully killed bonsai starters 3 years in a row



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