Thinking like a mind reader means realizing you can only achieve what you allow yourself to imagine. 

Then setting yourself free.

Jonathan Pritchard is a professional mentalist. That means he has entertained audiences all over the world performing an interactive mind reading show in Vegas, TV, and beyond.

He grew up as a dirt poor shy kid in the mountains of North Carolina. The ideas he shares in this book explain exactly how he went from never speaking up for himself to training Fortune 500 CEOs on nailing their next high stakes presentation.

Within these pages you will find his expert views on:
  • Motivation: Why is it the worst strategy for success? Why are motivational speakers charlatans in Jonathan's eyes, and what would be a better plan?
  • Self Confidence: Successful people are comfortable asking for what they want. Without the confidence to own their space, they would lose out on everything. Are you?
  • Persuasion & Influence: The so-called "Dark Arts!" Learn the difference between manipulation, coercion, influence, and persuasion. Understand how they work within the context of all relationships, and protect yourself from people who aim to take advantage of these techniques.
  • Rapport: Want to make friends anywhere around the world? These principles are based on fundamental human psychology, so they will work no matter where you find yourself in need of a friend.
  • Sales, Negotiation, and Business: People do business with companies they trust. Learn what it takes in today's environment to build that connection, even in the virtual space.
  • Communication: Learning how to share the right information, at the right time, in the right way is the secret of all good communication. The best way to practice? Learn a magic trick! The book, itself, is a prop with a mind reading trick built into its very pages. It will teach you how to use it to fool your friends and be a better communicator along the way.
Multi-billion dollar companies pay Jonathan thousands of dollars to teach the ideas hidden away within the pages of this book. Now those secrets are available to you.



Insightful, wise, and easy to read, Think Like a Mind Reader is filled with valuable life lessons and useful guidance. Jonathan Pritchard writes with enthusiasm and wit, sharing strategies that will help you create the life you want to live. I especially love the glimpses he gives the reader into his own journey. What a fun, savvy, and valuable read!
~DORIE CLARK, New York Times Best Selling Author
This book motivated me to continue to focus on getting myself out there in front of new opportunities, even if it’s outside of my comfort zone. There is value in sincerely connecting others and just living a life of kindness and joy. The magic trick was really cool too! Very clever :)
~KRISTYN IVEY, First Marie Kondo consultant in Chicago
I was excited to read this book when I ordered it but I never expected it to have the immediate, positive, impact on my life that it did! The author clearly poured his heart into this book with the genuine intention of helping others. It is an easy read and anyone that reads it can benefit from it. I've struggled through many adversities and have handled them on my own for the majority of my life. Most recently I have struggled getting through them and this book was enlightening, encouraging and provided me with the comfort and hope that I needed to get myself out of my slump. The author's perspective and scenarios are easy to relate to and eye opening! Very grateful for this book and I will be recommending it to everyone!
~S.F., Amazon Reviewer
Written in a way that's easy to listen read - just like having a conversation with the author. I read through it in a couple of sittings and now pick it up and read it a few pages at a time when I need some good insight or a pick me up. Jonathan has "been there and done that" and he doesn't hold back in this book. Pick up a couple of copies and give one to a friend. I bought mine directly from Jonathan at an event.
~CJ JOHNSON, Multiple business owner
I preordered this book as soon as humanly possible. Jonathan is an incredible human being, but more importantly, he has a ton of life experience and communicates it beautifully. I cannot recommend this book enough.
~ROSE B, Amazon Reviewer


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