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Joshua Lisec's Work On Persuasion In Writing

Joshua is a professor here at the Mind Reader University, and his episode is jam packed with valuable insights for anyone interested in learning about the power of applied psychology in written form.

If you've listened to our conversation, and are interested in taking your skills to the next level, these are three courses that will catapult you into success.
If you are planning on creating a course, writing a book, or making any kind of offer then you need this course. It spells out exactly how to find out what the market already wants, and then give it to them so they're already prepared to buy.
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Learning how to apply the power of persuasion in all your writing is a superpower. It is the secret ingredient that transforms an ok article into a money-making powerhouse. Joshua explains exactly how to do it.
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It's great knowing exactly what to do. If you don't know what NOT to do, you are still not writing to maximum effect. Stop your bad habits here.
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