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Time to be completely honest: lawyers can suck all the fun out of the coolest stuff. That being said, I want to make some things clear so we can all keep having fun.

This project is not done for the purposes of making myself rich. It's a labor of love, and a way for me to help make the world a better place by providing thought-provoking conversations for you, my listener/reader/cult member.

But, since the FTC is a ruthless kill-joy, these are some things I'd like to explain to make sure they keep their grubby hands out of my business.


I am a professional speaker, consultant, and trainer. I have a business called the Hellstrom Group that companies like BP, State Farm, and United Airlines pay money for me to come in and speak with & train their leadership teams.

I also own the company "ROI Trade Shows" which works with clients who exhibit at trade shows to attract an audience, entertain them, and educate them on the main qualities for my client as a way to gain them 3-4x as many qualified leads as they're used to without me.

Now, more specifically to Mind Reader University.

Business can be very nonchalant and casual. I might have lunch with someone and we talk about the podcast. They pick up the tab for lunch. Technically, under FTC rules, I'd need to proclaim this blatant bribery to the proper authorities.

If I use an affiliate link from a guest who came on the show and I get paid 50 cents when you click through wind up buying it, then it's the same thing. I'd need to account for each and every time it happens.

As that sounds like a major headache for you to read, and an even bigger nightmare for me to keep track of, I figured I'd get it all out of the way up front and proclaim everything that might happen just so we're in the clear.

As a result of all this, please assume that every single link I place on the website is an affiliate link. Assume every product was a paid endorsement.

Also assume that:

  • I paid for lunch with my guest.
  • My guest paid for my lunch.
  • I gave my guest a cool piece of tech that I had laying around.
  • My guest gave me a cool gadget that they had laying around.
  • I had carnal relations with a guest (as a favor or reward but never payment).
  • Guests were paid to appear on the show. Probably was a penny.
  • The guest paid me to appear on the show. Probably was a rare quarter.
  • I sent my guest a t-shirt or other item of promotional schwag including (but not limited to) stickers, bookmarks, bumper stickers, or temporary tattoos.
  • I got stock options or project equity in whatever crazy scheme they talked about on the show.

Ok, I think that about covers it.

Realistically none of these will ever likely be the case, but one can never be too cautious when dealing with governing bodies and their desire to devour anything even resembling fun.




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