About The Show

Mind Reader University is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners improve their life and business by picking the brains of the world's biggest thinkers. 

The conceit of the show is that there's a place where people can come to learn all about how the mind works. Students learn the secrets of mindset, motivation, interpersonal skills, sales, negotiation, and any other situation where a solid understanding of the Human Operating System functions. (Hint: it's all of them.)

Every week listeners/students are presented with a conversation with a guest/professor who has accomplished big dreams, overcome obstacles, or gained insight into the nature of success.

Previous professors include professional comic illustrator Scott Adams, professional MMA fighter Jon Fitch, bleeding edge cryptogame designer Marguerite deCourcelle, and others.

Students can enroll in the university to gain access to uncut conversations, articles, and conversations unavailable to the general public. There's also a school store where they can purchase books, t-shirts, and courses.


The show is recorded, edited, produced, posted, and promoted by the founder Jonathan Pritchard.


Episodes are released to podcatchers weekly at 6:30am Central time every Monday morning. They are usually live on the site a day early so fans can listen early.

The Creator

For nearly 20 years Jonathan Pritchard has traveled the world as a mentalist; an entertainer specializing in the (apparent) demonstration of mind reading abilities like predicting the future, influencing decisions, and superhuman memory. He has personally consulted on national TV projects for the biggest names in the magic world, and performed on Vegas mainstages himself. One of the most common questions he gets after a show is "did you go to school for this kind of stuff?"

At first he thought it was a silly question. Eventually, however, he realized it was a brilliant opportunity: build a place to teach people how the HumanOS truly works. Reveal the secrets of applied psychology and show people how to make the impossible as easy as making a wish.

Thus, "Mind Reader University" was born.

It is Jonathan's main hub where he can share conversations with his friends (podcasts), explain his approaches to life & business (books), and train people on reconfiguring their mental software (e-courses).

Beyond the podcast, Jonathan's full time occupation is a corporate consultant putting his powers to use helping his Fortune 500 clients like BP, State Farm, and United Airlines improve their business at trade shows, conferences, workshops, and more. 

If you are organizing an event (virtual or meat-space), then find out how Jonathan can help you on his personal portfolio website.

Show Details

Website: https://www.MindReaderUniversity.com

Email: admissions@mindreaderuniversity.com

Subscribe: Episodes are embedded directly on the site, and available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and any other podcatcher.

Social Media: The show is not active on social, but Jonathan, the host is. Here are all his links. His most active platform is Twitter.


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